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Ciani Family History

The Ciani family always loved the cultivation of vineyards and wine production. The family house, lived in since 1700, has a wine cellar dating back to 1300 where there still exists old wine barrels and equipment. This equipment served to transform grapes coming from the vineyard growing Aglianico grapes that were situated over the hills of Mirabella Eclano. In 1948, the Ciani family planted vineyards on the vertical trellis, Irpinia, one of the best areas of southern Italy for the production of Aglianico (Taurasi) and Greco di Tufo, as well as Fiano di Avellino.


From such passion, transmitted from generation to generation, born in 2006 from an idea of Armando Ciani, the new wine cellar, Ciani.

The new structure stands on approximately 50 acres with about 100 secular olive trees in front of the business area of the vineyard. The factory, partly submerged for thermal reasons and to keep intact the addition, covers 1.430 m2 (15.386 ft2) on the lower level, and covers 1.419 m2 (15.268 ft2) and approximately 500 m2 (5.380 ft2) on the upper floor.

The subdivision of the space has been imprinted to specific functionality for the most efficient use of the space. So, at the basement there are 4 large working areas. The 1st area is for processing the wine and has storage rooms with 50 steel tanks which are thermoregulated and controlled with a reading panel and temperature settings, cold – hot. This way, the technician has complete control over the working and conservation of the wine. The 2nd area has a cellar for the stabilization and for refining the wine. This area is completely insulated and is used for tartaric stabilization. It also includes a space for bottle storage in steel baskets, expecting to be labeled. The 3rd area has approximately 180 oak barrels of different dimensions which are used for the maturation, refining, and aging of almost all the red and white wines.


The barrels are French in origin (barriques) and Italian (tonneaux and botti grandi.) The 4th area has a cellar for bottled wines that are ready to be delivered.

On the ground floor, which houses other enologic products, there are 3 divided spaces. The 1st holds the bottling equipment, crow tap machine and the labeler. The 2nd has administrative offices. The 3rd has the laboratory for analysis of all the wine production of the vineyard. Separate from the cellar there is an underground space which stores the supplementary electric generator with 300 kwa, ready to intervene in case of lacking public energy, for the continuity of production and quality.

The external surroundings are divided into 2 large spaces. The 1st space holds the technical area located in front of the cellar with all the annexed services for the thermoregulated tanks for the incoming grapes to be processed. The 2nd space has panoramic terraces linked to the factory (500 mq) which are used for guest reception, wine tasting, and holding events, all with amazing panoramic views.

After years of knowing the Ciani family and drinking their fine wine around the family dinner table, Eugenio Cannata asked Jeff Quinn (Quintiliani) to partner with him and the Ciani family in the acquisition and revamping of the existing winery to export their wine to the United States, Canada, Asia, and the United Kingdom.

The Ciani Winery offers a Hospitality Superstructure for weddings, conferences, branding events, inclusive of five suites, main banquet room for 160 people, outdoor spa and an outdoor terrace of 16,000 sf with a spectacular panoramic view of 90 miles.

After two years of planning and refining the process, Ciani Vineyards will launch its debut wine tasting tour in June 2018 in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Toronto and had extraordinary response from critics and wine writers throughout North America .

The first full production year will be 2019 with the following types of wine; Taurasi, Fiano di Avellino, Greco di Tufo, Irpinia Rosato, an aged white Elisir, Rosé, two sparkling wines (Dreaming Angels and Wishing Angels) and two fragrant grappas.


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